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discoDSP Discovery Pro is a virtual analog synthesizer plus sampler
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While going through different computer programs, we commonly come through the word plug-in. A plug-in is a software program that becomes attached to the main program to fulfill a specific need of the user. DiscoDSP Discovery Pro 3 is one such plug-in that is very artistically designed. DiscoDSP Discovery Pro 3 is also known for its very easy and simple to use interface.

In addition to the regular features like its predecessors, it has programming sound in the most flexible manner, allowing the user to enable or disable MIDI velocity to layer morphing, switch between Delay and Gate effects, the DiscoDSP Discovery Pro 3 also has some extra advantages to it.

The main features are the two oscillators that have been newly added for broader sonic palette. This enhances the sound quality by providing beautiful pads, soft sounds and new FM tones. The waveform oscillator helps the user add new waveform and wavetables in different formats like DWB, WAV or SoundFont 2.04 (SF2). DiscoDSP Discovery Pro 3 even has 12dB and 24dB Moog modeled filters that provide a more complicatedly technological beautiful sound output. The sound output can be further graphically shaped by using the graphic modulation envelopes.

In spite of the software having so many functions, it is perfectly easy for any computer operating person to handle it.

Luis Sanchez
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  • The waveform oscillator helps the user add new waveform


  • Complicated user interface
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